Sebnem - Co-Founder


She graduated from Astronomy and Math science in 1999. She worked in different positions in IT and Business departments of a bank for 18 years. While she was starting to get bored with routine business life she decided to get trainings on marketing models and leadership.

She is passionate about Astrology and has been recently getting advanced astrology classes.

Bahar - Co-Founder

She has BS degree in Industrial Engineering and master degree in Finance. She has worked in Risk Management and Financial Management departments in Banking sector.

Besides these serious and boring career, she is interested in traveling and photographing.

Okan-Handy Man


He has software programming and business administration degrees. 

He believes in entrepreneurship with all his soul and he has many experiences on this subject.


He holds B.S. in Computer Engineering and MBA degrees.

He is a true believer in personal development and growth by new endeavors and experiences.

Emel - Product Consultant

She started weaving as a hobby when she was 17. Over the course, it became a job for her.

She believes that weaving is a lifestyle for their family.