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Our history dates back to long ago, though not as long as to the Sultans. After half of the team’s move to US, we decided to create this business around Peshtemals which are indispensible to our beloved Hamams (Turkish Bathroom), and we both wanted to close distances for ourselves and also to publicize and share our culture and values as much as we can.

Peshtemals with their distinctive designs appealing to all and posses a whiff of history, have their roots in Anatolia. While peshtemals with handcraft and handwoven multipurpose fabric were sold in the public markets to all, the ones made with best colors and softest threads were saved for the palaces. Peshtemals were winded around Harems’ (aka Seraglio, the place dedicated to wives and concubines of the Padishah aka ruler) luxurious but sorrowful stories, sometimes on the delicate skins of a sultan and sometimes on the tired shoulders of a maid.

And now, it is our turn to write our own stories to the modern times’ tales with our patterns. We chase the fish in the sea, collect the shells on the beach, become Hurrem Sultan of the most gorgeous palaces or look at the sky and bring together Mars and Venus. Each peshtemal is a unique story, and will clothe you with its colorful patterns, and softest and warmest threads.

What is your story then?