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What makes Mediterranean interior decoration special?

Mediterranean style is often described as a romantic aesthetic inspired by the Southern counties. This type of interior design uses a large number of natural materials. Ceramic, wood, iron, cotton towels, in essence, are some widely preferred examples. The color scheme and undertones revolve around light and warm tones. Yet, specific places inspire specific colors and undertones as well. It is perfect for someone who loves the marine blue freshness of Turkey, or the sunny warm romance of Italy and Spain. Due to all of these characteristics, Mediterranean Interior Design is perfect for either a house or an apartment. 

Mediterranean interior decoration, towel, cotton, peshtemal, home, house

What makes Mediterranean interior decoration special?

There are certain features that are specific and distinctive when it comes to the Mediterranean design.

  • The key color tones are widely inspired by the idea of recreating the atmosphere of a sunny paradise. Hence, the walls, furniture, and the flooring are usually warm yellow tone color.
  • Finishing and Furniture usually either incorporate or are entirely made up of natural materials: wood, glass, warm-colored stone, glass, etc. is made use of.
  • Natural tones which are cool, to dilute and add an accent with bright textile are preferred: Cushion, rugs, and peshtemal towels.
  • Ceilings are usually high and have wooden beams. Light and warm yellows or creamy colors are what the Mediterranean inspired homes to comprise of.
  • Mosaic elements usually look great with these varied elements together and complete the look. Small chipped ceramic tiles or mirrors are framed and strategically place around the space, creating balance and a homely aesthetic look.
Mediterranean, interior decoration, mosaic tile, mosaic, cotton towel, peshtemal

Mediterranean styles are beautiful and can be widely played around with, which makes them perfect for transforming any house into a majestic, aesthetic looking home. The use of peshtamel, as well as cotton towels, can be extensively seen in the Mediterranean design inspired homes.

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