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Everything You Need To Know About the Peshtemal Hammam Towel

Everything You Need To Know About the Peshtemal Hammam Towel!

Archaeological studies traced the origins of the towel to the city of Bursa/Turkey in the 15th century. They then spread from there to the rest of the world. And nothing proves this fact more than the fact Turkey produces the best quality towels in the world.

The Peshtemal Hammam towel is a cotton fabric that is used as a traditional Turkish robe in Turkey to cover nudity when bating in the Hammam. The modern peshtemal hammam towel that we use today has significantly evolved from its original form. Nowadays, we are familiar with the super absorbent bath and travel towels that are highly used for outdoor activities because of their lightweight and versatility.


Traditionally, the Turkish peshtemal was woven on handlooms, inch by inch and the craft was passed down from one generation to the other. Handlooms use only a single yarn to weave, while a machine loom uses two looms simultaneously. So when you compare the same weight of the conventional Turkish towel to the automatic machine towel, the Turkish towel will be incredibly soft, fluffy, and absorbent. 


 Peshtemal is a flat woven variety of Turkish towel, made from high quality Turkish. It is nowadays a favourite peshtemal robe for sport, beach, spa and travel use because of its lightweight. The demand for towel has increased in recent years because they are now an epitome of lifestyle which is closer to nature. Peshtemal appeals to the liberal people who want to enjoy outdoors, sports, adventure, hiking, travelling, holidaying, and camping.

Feeling comfy against the skin, Peshtemal towels don’t have to undergo any chemical process or heating during weaving since customers prefer organic and healthy fabrics. The towels are expected to dominate beach attire in the upcoming summer.

Super Absorbent, Dries Quickly, Lightweight, and Easy To Fold

By virtue of their longtime use in Turkish baths, the towels have numerous benefits such as super absorbent, dries quickly, lightweight, and easy to fold. Some Peshtemal productions use organic materials, with bamboo being used to make the lightest towels preferred for outdoor activities. 

How to Use the Turkish Towel

A Peshtemal towel can be used as both a bath and beach towel. The same towel can be used for both functions because of the style either of the settings. Additionally, because it is lightweight, you can use it as a travel towel.

On the beach, you can use it as a peshtemal robe while you can also use it as a scarf when travelling, or even as a blanket to stay warm at home.

Features of a high-quality Turkish towel

A Turkish towel shouldn’t leave fuzz or lint on your body. It also shrinks in the wash but its threads should not plucker. Over time, the towel gets softer, feels light and thin but retains its substantial texture. So, the strands should be dense to prevent it from felling flimsy.

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