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9 Best Turkish Bath/Hammam in US

Turkish Baths/Hammam in the USA Gives an Otherworldly Feeling.

Many cultures have wellness traditions, and most of them are common. Though historians are unclear about the time humans began bathing indoors, the Turks inherited the Romans bath concept in terms of tradition and architecture. They also adapted it calling it ‘Hammam.'

Turkish baths are hydro-therapy hot steam treatment showing a miraculous effect on the physical and mental state that everyone enjoys the benefits to full. It provokes an all-round relaxing and soothing effect on both mind and body. These baths are an ideal antidote banishing all kinds of stress and tensions building up throughout the working day. The steam bath generates a wellbeing sense, and it is not confined to the psyche.

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The Bath Procedure

The journey of Hammam starts in the hot room, where a male (tellak) or a female (natik) are the attendants. They allow you to loosen up, relax, and sweat. You can get a glance at the amazing architecture of the Turkish bath.  

The baths feature large dome in marble, several basins, and an impressive gobektasi, a raised central platform over the heating source.  Laying on gobektasi for 15 minutes, the masseur scrubs your body. After scrubbing, lay on the gobektasi your attendant will offer a sudsy massage.

 Turkish Bath, Hammam, Turkish Bath NYC, turkish bath new york city, turkish bath chicago, turkish bath towel, best Turkish Baths in US

Everything is a rejuvenating experience. The Turkish bath illuminates the steam and offers the best otherworldly feeling.

9 Best Hammams in the U.S

    1. Trump Soho in New York City offers the finest hammam authentic experience. The spa has mosaic rooms featuring domed ceilings, heated marble slabs for cleansing, exfoliating, and detoxifying treatment. Sweat out toxins.
    2. Onsen is in San Francisco, CA is a haven. The charm of Onsen feeds your body and soul. It is akin to a Sento, the Japanese bathhouses. There is massage, reflexology, and cupping, besides the steam room, cold plunge, and sauna. You can also have a private spa party arranged.
    3. Asha Urban Baths, Sacramento, CA, is a serene zone designed for unwinding and unplugging. This place has a soaking pool, sauna, cold plunge, and add-ons lounge, including yoga, massage, and skincare products. There are unlimited passes and Retreats as a personal day.
    4. CityWell, Brooklyn, NY is an affordable wellness place in Brooklyn industrial part. It is an ideal place for healing and preventive healthcare. There is a hot stone massage, steam room, customized aromatherapy, fire pit, cedar sauna, and soaking tub.
    5. Löyly, Portland, OR, has no plunge pools or tubs. They offer Scandinavian-style saunas, treatment for detox, and sleep benefits. At Loyly, sweat out toxins as you wish. Book two hours before for facials, massages, body scrubs, and foot soaks.
    6. Aire Ancient Baths, Chicago, IL, is an opulent bathhouse in Roman traditions and Ottoman Greek style. Candlelight flickers, wooden beams, exposed brick, and industrial columns. They offer treatments with Himalayan salt, argan oil, and olive oil.
    7. The Schvitz, Detroit, MI, is a historic bathhouse. This is a Jewish style bathhouse with a storytelling tradition. However, the original sense of community is retained.
    8. Sōku Steakhouse & Spa, Austin, TX draws European and Japanese traditions. It features hot and cold pools, private soaking rooms, saunas, and showers.
    9. Hammam Luna, Virginia offers a traditional bath in the DC metro area. They offer traditional Hammam with the Morocco package essence, beginning with vigorous exfoliation of a full body. Optimize the scrub, followed with a lathering of Argan oil and Honey. Finally, use sandalwood oil.

Some Tips

·      Hammams open at 6 am and are around midnight.

·      The scrubber and the masseur are of the same sex.

·      Bring essential toiletries.

·      Tip 10 to 20% of the amount

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