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5 reasons you should go camping with a peshtemal...

Camping! Some would say is one sweet indelible experience. As a newbie, before embarking on a camping experience, there are necessary things you need to have in mind especially camping in cold weather. One of these things includes your tent, food, most especially, material to be worn. Choosing the wrong material for camping is like not training before heading for a boxing ring. The outcome could be a disaster and a bitter experience for you. So, what are the materials suitable for wear in cold weather camping?

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Peshtemal is a type of traditional towel that is made of 100% fine cotton material. The peshtemal dated way back to the time the Turkish Hamamas used it. The peshtemal has a deep-rooted history in this region and was popularly used in the palace on concubines. Peshtemal is of a strong material, distinctive in color and design and every traveler's companion. They are good quality fabrics, and that is why they are used in cold weather to protect the body from extreme conditions. 

Five reasons why a peshtemal is good for camping

  • ABSORBENT IN NATURE – Peshtemal retains cold for a long time when worn on the body, and that is why they are good for taking for camping.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE – Peshtemal retains their shape even after numerous washing and lasts long enough.
  • VERSATILITY – Peshtemal towels can be used for more than one purpose. It can be used as a bath towel, used as a body wrap when on a beach or on a cool summer evening and as a protective material while at sleep.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT- It feels great against the skin when worn because they are flat woven and take up little space
  • 100% COTTON FABRIC – Peshtemal is made from the finest cotton. They don't fade in color or lose its soft feel after numerous washing.

For a lovely experience in camping, the peshtemal can provide you extra cover especially in the cold period.

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