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4 Maintenance Tips for Towels

The towel is something that comes in close contact with your body any time you need it. Most especially when your skin is wet and likely to be most vulnerable, that's why; you must always go for the best, which is the Turkish towel.

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Turkey towels help your skin to maintain its natural moisture, protect your body, and nurture your body. Thus; it is vital to give them proper maintenance. Don’t be intimidated because towels From Turkey are exquisite and high class. However, they do not need high maintenance. They only requirement is a little care and time from you, and they can serve you forever.

For instance; they will require;


It doesn’t matter whether they are Turkish Towel for Beach or bathing, if you want to enjoy them, there is a need to wash them. That is; before you start using them. If the towel is exposed to germs, soil, or oil, it is advisable to wash them with warm water. However, if it is not, it is better to use cold water for washing. Do not use bleach; avoid softeners. You can use one cup of vinegar for the rinsing once a month if you want to increase the absorbency of your towel.


It is advisable to air dry your Turkey towels if you want to get the best result. You can use a medium or cool setting for tumbling dry it so that it can get fluffier. Too much heat can damage its durability


If you want to iron your Turkish Towel for Beach, you can use a medium setting temperature. High temperatures can result in damages to the towel’s cotton fibre. Also, it reduces the durability and softness of the towel.

    Snag or Pull

In a situation where your towel pulled and snagged a thread or loop, get your scissors to cut it off. That way; your towel cannot unravel from there.


Overall, the Turkish Towel is beautiful, versatile, and practical to use. However, if your Towels from turkey have color variances, don’t be afraid. It is regarded as a normal occurrence since it is as a result of its various dying batches and the natural process of dying. 

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